Welcome to Fire and Ice Designs News, or a Blog I guess. This is more of a new feed then a blog I guess... What really is the difference? Any ways to get up to date information on what the studio is up to, it is always best to follow us on Instagram as we post there more then we will here. This will be more of a report before and after events. Announcements on new product, and of course update news to the website. What is added, what was removed and the like.

So enjoy your stay, as long or as short as it may be here.

8/3/2022: A long time ago...

Long time no chat all! We are so sorry that it had been a long time since we last posted an update. There was not a lot to talk about aside from we were VERY VERY busy with all those events, and we kept adding more to them in between all the ones on our list of events to do. This year we have started to book our events and decided to take a bit of a year off to work on other things.

Phynix has been hard at working making 365 Crochet Sea Jelly's and has proven that it is a lot more work than she thought it would be. We are just filled to the brim with so many sea jellies. It is interesting to always see Phynix doing something while other things pile up around her. But she seems to be enjoying it.

Thindra is working hard training our newest team member. She is cute, but she is a small baby Raptor. Who knows maybe this little lady will be added to our team section (Go check it out) We are also happy to announce that we are heading to Calgary again. We love Calgary it is so much for out there.

We are looking forward to 2023. Hopefully on it is more things for the website.

Looking forward to that.
• Gabriel

Art piece featured: Durp Goldfish from our Sticker pack sticker series 1. Sketched, Inks and Colours by Phynix
Title of this entry borrowed from many a fantasy book.

8/3/2022: Not at Home

But now we are at home. It was a busy April for us as we went to both Calgary Expo and Saskatoon Expo. We started out the month with hard core prepping for both conventions and ordered in some new items. Some fancy wood pins and acrylic charms made their first appearance at these cons. We did a last-minute order of 10 wood pins and 5 acrylic charms and then Manitoba got slammed with a blizzard that lasted 3 days. Luckily, we got the orders in very Tuesday morning that we had to leave for Calgary. Entering the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan, we were hit with another snowstorm. A couple wrong turns thanks to the low visibility and we eventually made it through Regina. Luckily the storm had passed us shortly after we got out of Regina. We decided, mostly thanks to an energetic puppy named Gabe, that we should stop for the night in Swift Current. Different city Wal-marts are an interesting experience, they're familiar yet completely different.

The next morning, we were awoken by Gabe at 6am and when we took him out for his early morning pee, we walked back out into a low visibility snowstorm. We checked the weather, and it was supposed to last most of the afternoon. A hasty pack up and we were back on the highway following a slow-moving semi. We arrived in Calgary later Wednesday afternoon to a beautiful clear sky and an amazing view of the mountains that Demos was saying we'd see shortly after Swift Current.

After I got to experience the Deerfoot highway for the first time we arrived safe and tired at the Calgary Stampede for set up. Phynix and Demos handled that part while I was on puppy duty. Apparently, the Stampede grounds had a huge influx of geese before we arrived so it was mostly me chasing Gabe away from all the poop. He did not understand why Aunty would not let him eat the ground treats.

Thursday, April 21st, Calgary Expo started, and I'll let Phy tell you all about it.

What's to tell? It was long and boring... NAH it was a great time as always, Demo was quick to pick up his job as "Booth Babe!" At first he was scaring away people but by the second day he had it down and we were doing nothing but pressing buttons, chatting with people, and having an adventure. So many people came out to see me and our new product, and so many people loved the Pokemon Capsule Machine. We watched a lot of people build their teams. I was so happy when they would pull a shiny and we played "Who's that Pokemon" with everyone. I realized how few Pokemon I remember even if Thindra and I drew everyone. I might have to make a cheat sheet of who Is who now.

Have to admit getting on the CTrain back to our end of town and seeing Gabe waiting for us with Thindra was the best part of the day! Loved meeting everyone but the trip and the event was tiring.

Saturday, we awoke to another low visibility snowstorm in Calgary. Calgary drivers have no idea how to handle this type of weather.

Monday finally gave us the double-digit weather Calgary is known for this time of year. Phynix and I got lost trying to find a Staples, and trying to find an open grocery store that wasn't in the process of closing. Thanks Save-on-Foods you made it really hard to find lunch, lol. We spent the following Tuesday just chilling and resting, which was well needed.

And then we were back on the road, Wednesday April 27, and went through Drumheller. We thought we would go on the walking trail with Gabe and spend a couple hours checking out the sights and the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, Tuesday and Wednesday are their slow days so all their tourist stuff is closed. So instead we spent an hour downtown hunting for their dinos hidden around town. We spent the night in Saskatoon enjoying Great Value Pizza Pops. The three cheese ones are amazing, I totally recommend. Thursday, we went out to Weldon, where we visited with our friend at the Make Bank. Demos and Wendy got along great and planned many projects that evening.

Alas, we had to leave back for Saskatoon and the visit felt way to short. Gabe and I hung out on the Prairieland Park grounds while Phy and Demos did set up for Saskatoon Expo. Then the biggest wrench in our plans happened. Our Airbnb for Saskatoon contacted us pissed off because the tenant before us had to have police remove him and smoked in his no smoking apartment. Since we couldn't cancel, Gabe and I went to see if it was bad enough for Airbnb cancellation policy or if we had to suck it up. I got there and an older gentleman probably in his late 60s early 70s was doing his best to deep clean the apartment by himself. Rolling up my own sleeves, I pitched in to help him. It took 4 hours with both of us cleaning to get it clean enough for our standards. Unfortunately, the smell remained till the following day and took a lot of laundry and Febreze to kill it. We tried to cook Breakfast for Dinner that night, but the previous tenants stole the good frying pan and we ended up getting pizza.

Sunday was the last day of the Convention and we decided to come home that night. We were 20 mins outside of Saskatoon when I realized I forgot my phone. An hour later and we were back on the highway and where we were before. We drove through the night, and it was a clouded one. We saw a bobcat, at least 3 foxes, a couple rabbits, and we stopped counting at 30 deer. I have done lots of night driving but that was a ridiculous amount of wildlife. When we arrived in Regina it was around 11pm, and we all had to pee super badly. We get to the first Tim Hortons on the TransCanada and its doors are locked but drive thru is open. A pee waddle back to the car and we start looking. Gas stations are closed for the night, and all the drive thrus have closed doors. Thankfully, we found an open Esso to gas up at and to use their washroom before we resorted to bushes. Upon arriving back in Manitoba we got assaulted by fog. Driving through the little wisps was fun, driving though the white-out patch at 40km/h was not. Luckily, the fog ended at Virden and the Tim Hortons was open there. As was the one in Brandon and Portage La Prairie. I was very reliant on caffeine by the time we hit Brandon. We got home safe and sound and our beds never looked so good.

Oh you didn't tell them that Demo slept through 90% of the ride, or that I passed out shortly after Brandon.

So that was our adventure from Thindra's point of view, I hope you all enjoyed it and we really look forward to doing it again next year! We will be going to Calgary Expo but might be missing Saskatoon. We will see.

• Thindra & Phynix

Art piece featured: Happy little Bee from our Sticker pack sticker series 1. Sketched, Inks and Colours by Phynix
Title of this entry borrowed from The Hobbit By the Wonderful J.R.R. Tolkien

8/3/2022: How All Were Very Busy

I have to laugh as this little ghost throws confetti all over the place. This little dude greeted me as the last image I resized tonight for the gallery. I was just working away and the last image I re sized was this one. It was like the computer files and how I was working was rewarding me to getting it done. It took hours. But hey I did it. On the site is almost our current catalogue of art we have done over the years.

Now if you hang out with artists you will know that they only show off a little bit of what they do in a year. And that is because we hate everything we do in the long run. So it is hard to show things off. I am sure more will be added over the next few weeks. But hey at least it is a start.

Most of our Gallery will be available to purchase on our store as soon as we have that open. Some things were made for specific people and will never be available. But that is the way things happen.

If you do see something you want and it is not on the store links you are welcome to send us a message we would be happy to work with people about things they want.

Also soon we will be uploading the site. I can't wait to see what you all think about it.
• Phynix

Art piece featured: Celebration from the Dead from our Sticker pack sticker series 1. Sketched and Inks by Phynix, Colour by Thindra
Title of this entry borrowed from Prince Caspian The Return to Narnia. By: C.S. Lewis

3/3/2022: The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

With the conventions all opening up we are so happy to announce some of the events we will be visiting. We are heading to Calgary for the Calgary Expo from April 21st to the 24th. And then we will be heading up to Saskatoon for the Sask Expo starting on April 29th to the 1st of May.

Then we can't forget the fact that we are also attending Keycon in Winnipeg MB. But first we have a one day event that we are super stoked to be attending. A mini C4 event. I am so happy to see this team starting up again. I wish them luck and we will be in attendance.

IF you wanted to pre order prints you are welcome to message us and we will make sure to put aside your order. In fact all people who pre purchase any of our product will also get a discount of 10% and a special gift as a thank you.

We are looking forward to being back on the road. See you all at these events.

Aside from this we also have a few more pages working on the website. I am so happy that in a few days I will be going live and I look forward to you all reading and seeing everything we have worked hard on.

I also can't wait for people to see some of the amazing art we have done over the years. In one organized place.
• Phynix

Art piece featured: Galaxy tiger from our Sticker pack sticker series 1.
Title of this entry borrowed from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by: She-who-must-not-be-named

27/2/2022: The Shadow of the Past, and Adventures for the Future

Wow it took us some time but we have our very first website going. I have been working on it for a long time now as I am super rusty at creating things like this. But so far I have a template up and running thanks to the free templates of OS Templates. It was nice to find something that I could just use as I work out the cob webs. I am sure as I get better and practise more it will look better and better. But for now. It is something right?

So far I have a small about us up. I will be vamping that more and more as the days come along. But for now it is something. I also got the blog working and decided that each time I add a new blog post we would use a title from a chapter of some of our favorite books. It is just fun and shows how geeky we are. I am super excited about that. I am also fully aware there will be times that we have to not use a title from a book, and might have to use just one we make up... I know BORRING! We will try not to do that too often. But for now it will be what it is.

We will also be featuring a sticker as well! Like today I am using one of our many Rat stickers. This is part of this years sticker collection, which of course when I have it up you will be able to buy them and enjoy them yourselves. I enjoyed making these with Thindra. Oh speaking of Thindra. If you also look at the bottom of the new post that the sticker features in, it will have the stats for it! Where it is from, who did what, and all that fun! As we do get help from the other people in our lives. And we love each of them for it.

So for now I have just that for you. I hope to have our social media up in the next few days with links on this site to places you can go to. Like our IG, or TIKTOK, and so many more. I am hard at work and will keep you all as up to date as I possibly can. I hope that you all enjoy what it to come.

• Phynix

Art piece featured: Nakid Rat from our Rat Sticker Series 1. Sketched and coloured by Thindra, Line work and finishing touches by Phynix
Title of this entry borrowed from The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien