We are happy to give you many options for Shopping. From Red Bubble and buying items we do not carry ourselves, to our own Shopify link where you will get things DIRRECTLY from us sent to you.

Buying dirrectly from us gives us the maximum support! And also we always send free gifts with orders. So it is always benificial buying from us.

Why no Etsy?

We had Etsy, and we LOVED our Etsy. We made amazing friends through Etsy and it was so easy to use, and the product did really well. But Etsy. They have issues. As much as they say they are for the small creator, they are not. They charge too much for a small buisness owner and they opt you into paying all these fees without your permissions. I paid more in fees to Etsy then I ever made through them. So now we are going to do our own thing. We have Red Bubble for things I do not make myself, and we have a Storenvy for those we do make and order in.

Please note, that this was last updated in early 2021. Things may have changed but at thist ime we still do not have an Etsy.