Fire and Ice Designs is the amalgamation of two companies. Art from the Ashes, the studio of Phynix L. Caskey and Kurew Kreations owned by Thindra Hitoru. These two ladies have been working hard over the past two years to bring their art together for your enjoyment. Now they bring you a website to host all of it in Once connivant place.

Fire and Ice Designs was officially opened February of 2020, Just in time for the Pandemic to shut things down on them for two years. But here they are starting to get really into the swing of things with the ability to do events all over again.

The Artists!

Phynix is the main personality of Fire and Ice. She is normally the one you will talk to via email and is for sure the main person behind the tables. She has been doing art for most of her life, her entire adult life, and continues to work her butt off to improve and grow in her styles.

One of the most fascinating things about Phynix is she often is asked to help other artists with their things and can mimic most of their styles. It is interesting to watch her ink and colour another artists pieces as she does so with ease and skill.

Phynix loves anything artsy, and crafty. And often finds herself wondering what to work on next.

Other hobbies that she enjoy a lot are puzzling, colouing pages, and working on websites.


Thindra joined Phynix on the circuit early in her own career. And only after a few years of drawing took a devastating blow to her ability to draw. A hand crushing injury puts Thindra on the side lines a lot of the time.

Due to the injury Thindra now spends most of her time working on the story line to a comic she wants to produce and sketching the images for the art that Fire and Ice Produces. Often you will find Thindra is the one doing the research, keeping the computers working, and correcting the spelling of Phynix.

With each passing day that her hand gets worse Thindra finds other ways to be useful to the company. From keeping up with the calendar, to booking shows. She is a very important part of FID.


Specal Members!

Gabriel is the youngest member of FID. Phynix's Service Puppy is new to the team and is not seen often at shows as it gives Phynix something to look forward to when she returns to the hotel or home. He is a young Standard Poodle who is happy to be on the team.


Faerwhyn & Demothenis are two people who we can't live without. Often referred to as Phynix's Con Spouses. These two are always offering their help to the company from taking care of a very forgetful Phynix. Working the table when the ladies can't. Colouring images when we are in a crunch, or even giving up days of theirs to travel with us to events so we have an extra driver, an extra man for the booth, ect...

These two are the most important to FID. Without them we often would be unable to do the shows we do, or just make it week to week without falling apart.

Thank you, BOTH of you are VERY important to us. Without you. I would not be where I am. And I am not stupid enough to not know this.
Love Phynix